Hey I'm Bonnie Cannon-Brown

Quirky Actor, Singer Comedian, Writer, the World needs right now

From my small town community theatre to the NYC stages! I have literally been crawling on stages since the age of 3. Now, I live on Long Island with my husband & stepson, creating my own work, as well as preparing to star in an upcoming feature film.

Well hey there let’s slow down, who sent you here. I literally just launched my new acting website can you give me time to think of something witty.

Plus I’m super busy being Quirky and singing karaoke to literally anything.

I mean c’mon, are you trying to give me a panic attack. The Read More I get, it’s just general curiosity. But after learning I just launched my acting website in NYC and complained about writing a Read More you have the forwardness to think I’ll write a Top Secret section. Quite frankly, I find your thoughts warranted.